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TF-100 Screen Printer


Micro Printing Systems provides a wide variety of products and services aimed at acheiving perfect printing.  We offer screen printers, screen printer accessories, spare parts, high quality squeegees, vision systems, repairs, and refurbishment services for the TF100 and SP-1500 screen printers.

MPS's TF-100 is a precision stand alone stencil and screen printer specifically designed for thick film circuitry in hybid microelectronic applications.  It is also ideal for surface mount (SMT) and through hole applications within its 6" x 6" (152mm x 152mm) print area format.


The TF-100 provides the high degree of precision and repeatability required for R&D and prototype applications.  Its simplicity of setup and operation, as well as rugged design and construction, also make it well suited for demanding production environments.


Micro Printing systems carries a variety of printing accessories for a wide variety of applications.  This includes mylar frame jigs, flood blades, squeegee holders, and squeegee assemblies.


We maintain a large inventory of spare parts for our model TF100 and we can ship to almost anywhere on the globe. The model SP1500 inventory is fairly complete with availability for all parts within four weeks.


The SP-1500 was specifically designed in response to trends toward larger hybrid substrates, critical line dimensions in surface mount technoogy (SMT), and use of polymers on PCBs and flex circuits.  The unit provides a high degree of precision for use in both low volume prototype (R&D) and high volume production applications within its 11" x 11" print area.


The SP-1500 provides consistent depositions of thick film materials, solder pastes, epoxies, and solder mask.  Because of its larger print area capability and choice of workholder, the SP-1500 is an exceptional value for its price.


Refurbish your MPM or MPS TF-100 or SP-1500 screenprinters.  Micro Prinitng Systems not only manufactures brand new TF-100s, but we rebuild them as well.


We will dismantle the enitre printer, replace all o-rings, seals,  fluids, tubing, gaskets, springs and valves.  All cylinders will be rebuilt.  All parts will be dee cleaned.




Our customers have reported longer life, superior edge uniformity, and improved print quality.  Most customers get 2-3 times more life out of each edge using our high quality squeegee materials versus standard squeegee.


Our squeegees are available in all durometers and shapes including; diamond, straight edge, and double bevel.  Sizes are cut to length based on your specific application ranging from ½” to 24”.

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