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The SP-1500 was specifically designed in response to trends toward larger hybrid substrates, critical line dimensions in surface mount technology (SMT), and use of polymers on PCBs and flex circuits.  The unit provides a high degree of precision for use in both low volume prototype (R & D) and high volume production applications.


      The SP-1500 provides consistent depositions of thick film materials, solder pastes, epoxies, and solder mask.  Because of its larger print area capability, the SP-1500 is an exceptional value for its price.

      A Mode Selection Switch lets users choose among automatic print cycles such as: single print with flood return, or flood print; alternate print mode with squeegee hop over; and double print.

     The easily accessible, solid state control box also features a digitized squeegee timer, parts counter, and system air pressure gauge.  A variable squeegee up delay (up to 2 seconds) allows e screen to peel behind the squeegee.  An adjustable carriage return delay helps users obtain the most precise printed images, based on the specific characteristics of the materials being used.


**DISCLAIMER**  The SP-1500 screen printers are no longer manufactured new.  They are however available used and refurbished.  Lead times are TBD.  Spare parts available.

Print Area: Up to 11" x 11"

Board Size: Up to 11" x 11"

Frame Size: Up to 15" x 15" and/or 12" x 17" ID.


Substrate Carriage:

Repeatability: + / - 0.0005" (+ / - 12.7 microns)

X-Y Adjustment: + / - 0.500" (12.7 mm)

Rotary Adjustment: + /- 10 degrees

Axis individually locked


Squeegee Head:

Print Stroke Adjustment: 1" to 14"

Speed: 0-15" (0-381mm) per second

Screen Height Adjustment Range: 1" (25mm)

Pressure: 2-60lbs. by calibrated coil springs

Angle of Attack Adjustment: + / - 5 degrees

Squeegee Holder: Up to 12" maximum

with 0.375" (9.5mm) square blade.



Power: 115V, 60Hz, 1 amp, single phase

(220V, 50Hz, 0.5 amp, single phase)

Air: 80-125 psig at 6CFM

(5.5 to 8.5 Bar @ .18 cubic meters)



Printer Width: 21"

Printer Length: 53"

Printer Height: 21"

Table Width: 41"

Table Length: 58"

Shipping Weight: 500 lbs.



High Degree of Flexibility






The SP-1500 supplies the highest standards in image precision and consistency.  It offers repeatable registration to 0.0005".

      The printer is constructed of the highest grade materials for years of service with minimum maintenance.  It is backed by knowledgeable service and support personnel which assure years of quality results.

       The SP-1500 offers two unique MPS features which facilitate fast, easy setup.  The mylar Alignment Fixture reduces the initial setup procedure to a single print cycle.  Because test printing is done on reusable mylar, paste and substrate are conserved.  Only one setup per print pattern is required.

      The MPS 3-point screen frame registration system permits removal for cleaning and re installation without pattern realignment.  In addition, independent dial adjustments for screen height (snap off) and squeegee down stop contribute to faster easier setup.

        A pneumatically raised print head with screen tilt away provides full access to the screen and squeegee assembly for faster cleanup.  The use of a single squeegee, rather than the typical double squeegee, not only allows for a longer squeegee stroke, but also aids in faster cleanup.



  • Precision print head-to-carriage alignment using unique one-print mylar adjustment system with X, Y, and theta micrometer adjustments.

  • Consistent print uniformity

  • All adjustments have independent locks and stay in setup

  • User selectable print-cycles: single print mode with flood print/print flood; alternate; and double print modes

  • Contact/Off-contact printing capability

  • Hydraulic squeegee drive (air-over-oil) with infinitely adjustable speed and stroke

  • Squeegee pressure adjusted by calibrated coil springs

  • Adjustable squeegee down stop and angle of attack

  • Choice of floating or attack angle squeegee assembly

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