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Do you have an old MPM TF-100 or SP1500 screen printer in storage or need of service or repair?  As durable as these printers are, without proper maintenance they will eventually show signs of wear & tear.  O-rings, seals, and tubing begin to crack, solenoid valves get clogged, springs lose tension, cylinders begin to leak and go bad, bearings build up epoxy and grime, and the squeegee rods and screen frame get out of alignment from the work holder.  Micro Printing Systems specializes in refurbishing these older model screen printers. 


In the refurbishment process, we will completely dismantle the entire printer to each individual part.  Every part will be deep scrubbed and cleaned.  Each individual assembly including the X-Y table, squeegee head, solenoid bank, oil tanks, and squeegee cylinder will all be rebuilt and lubricated.  This includes replacing all o-rings, seals, gaskets, and springs.  Each solenoid valve will be replaced with new valves.  All hardware will be replaced.  All fluids will be replaced.  Once the machine has been fully rebuilt, the squeegee rods and screen frame will then be aligned to the x-y table until the printer is back to factory standards.

Rebuild Items

Solenoid Bank


Squeegee Head


X-Y Table


X-Y Table Cylinder


Contact Cylinder


Oil Tanks


Stop Valves


Main Slide & Tilt Arm

Replaced Items

Oil Tank Fluid




All Tubing


All hardware replaced with stainless steel



Other Services

Complete machine tear down, clean and rebuild


Align squeegee rods to stage


Align Screen frame to stage


Adjust all switches and inspect wiring



Pneumatic Adjustments

Service Height Cylinder


Main Air Pressure


Table Pressure/Speed


Contact Cylinder


Squeegee Up/Down


Squeegee Speed (Forward)


Squeegee Speed (Reverse)




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