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Micro Printing Systems is a world wide supplier of the highest quality squeegee materials on the market.  Our customers report 2-3 times longer life out of each squeegee blade.  This means you will be spending 2-3 times less time replacing squeegee blades, in turn maximizing production.  When printing with expensive materials such as silver and gold, you need the best quality squeegee you can find.  Edge uniformity and profile is paramount.

Of all the components involved in the screen printing process, the Squeegee is one of the most important. A simple piece of rubber can affect the overall quality of the end product. A dull or nicked Squeegee will not allow the ink to transfer evenly through the screen. If the inside of the Screen is wet with ink residue, the Squeegee is not performing as well as it should or could.

All squeegees sold by Micro Printing Systems are made of Polyurethane which is the highest quality material used in squeegee production.  Polyurethane, a syntethic plastic material, is often used to make Squeegee designed for extended use, and for automatic and semi-automatic equipment.


While urethane is more expensive than rubber or neoprene, it offers a much better resistance to both physical and chemical abrasion. Most urethanes used in the screen printing industry are MDI based Polyester. The reason being the MDI urethanes offers the best abrasion resistance of any urethane on the market. Polyurethane Squeegees are the most popular of all Squeegees.


Squeegees available in all durometers ranging from 50 to 90.


Available in Single Edge, Double Bevel, Rounded Edge, and Diamond.


Cut to length at no additional charge


Sizes available in up to 24"


All squeegees are clearly labeled for durometer


Made in USA


Samples available upon request

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