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Spare Parts & Support

MPS has broad experience in the referenced fields and across the full line of customers to provide the outstanding equipment for their use. MPS brings a highly developed strategic and pragmatic approach to answering all of our customer's requirements; we support a range of clients from diverse viewpoint and fields. We are here to assist you in your areas of expertice. Kindly contact us for your screen-printing requirements.

We maintain a full inventory of spare parts for our model TF100. The model SP1500 inventory is fairly complete with availability for all parts within four weeks. See our site for a list of spare parts and technical illustrations to assist you in ordering spare parts.


MPS objective is to provide the best customer support and assistance to meet our client requirements in a timely manner. We are fully structured to give this type of support through a worldwide network.


Contact us for pricing and availability at +1-626-330-5592, or


Over the phone technical support is available at no charge for all TF-100s and SP-1500's in the field.


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